Increasingly HMRC is attempting to maximise the tax it collects by opening aspect enquiries and compliance checks, rather than full enquiries. With greater powers than ever, HMRC can turn the spotlight on your tax affairs at any time.

It’s vital that you involve your accountant from the outset. Without professional representation, you could easily end up paying more tax than necessary.

HMRC enquiries are time-consuming and the professional fees involved in obtaining the best result for you can be considerable. We recommend that you protect against such costs by joining our Croner Taxwise Protection scheme.

Whatever the nature of HMRC’s investigation, the scheme will cover the professional fees involved. What’s more, if you are a business client, it will give you access to the Croner Taxwise Business Support Helpline, an invaluable source of guidance on a wide range of business-related law.

To join, just complete the details below. We recommend Croner Taxwise Protection to all of our clients.

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