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At the beginning I was overwhelmed. I was wasting a serious amount of time and money… Trying to do it all myself. Fortunately I met Stephanie from Maynard Heady. She was amazing. She gave me the direction I needed and covered everything required to set my business up properly. And that meant I could just get on with doing what I do best, which also meant I started making money.

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 I was so apprehensive of expanding and taking on employees, but Maynard Heady showed me the way. They were simply brilliant when I needed to take my business to the next level. We weathered the recent financial crisis and now we’re absolutely flying! We’ve opened two more branches in the last three years and we’re preparing for a fourth later this year. Honestly, I’ve never looked back. Thanks MH. 

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 Since day one, Maynard Heady was there for us. Thanks to Dave’s guidance, we’re now having the time of our lives in retirement. He still looks after our accounts and always keeps us on track, even when we’re the other side of the world. Putting our trust in him, all those years ago, was the best thing we could’ve done… And it still works for us now. 

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