About Maynard Heady

This is the story about how Maynard Heady Chartered Accountants came to be, and why we became the most trusted accountant in Essex for our valued clients.

Back in the eighties, a number of us found employment at a well known practice in Hockley. We’d cut our teeth and qualified as Chartered Accountants, both locally and in the big City firms. We all got on, shared the same values and, together, progressed to become partners in the practice.

At the beginning, everything seemed fine.

What we liked about the practice was our ability to build trusting relationships with our clients. We knew that, with our expertise and knowledge, we could make a difference.

Before the crash of ’92, it was a healthy time for businesses to start up. It was great to be there at the beginning, helping people get their exciting business ideas off the ground.

Unfortunately, we were seeing things through rose tinted glasses.

We started to get uncomfortable about how the firm was being run. We felt that it wasn’t being steered in the right direction. The concerns were shared, in particular, by three of us. We decided that it would be best for all concerned, especially our clients, if we moved on.

Being someone’s accountant is an honour and a huge responsibility. Clients put their trust in us. They share things about themselves that they don’t even tell their nearest and dearest. And as such, we build an incredible bond of trust.

We were aware that if an accountant moves elsewhere, it’s not uncommon that their clients move with them. And, for the most part, this is what happened. As the three of us moved, so too came our clients. But not quite all. A few stayed, putting their faith in the practice rather than the practitioner… To their detriment, it’s sad to say.

In 1990 we set up a new practice in Benfleet. Over the next three years things moved very fast. Accountants often merge to broaden their scale, scope and quality of service. This applied in our case. And finally, the merging of two practices brought about the founding of Maynard Heady in 1993.

We were united in our outlook.

We decided on a strategy that meant every one of our clients would have a team headed by one of the practice’s partners. In other words, providing a personal service was central to our ethos.

Even so, there were one or two clients who questioned whether we could provide the full service they needed. In fact, they left us for larger London practices. However, what they gained in scale and scope, they lost in personal service. They found that if they called with an enquiry, the chances of speaking direct with “their” accountant was minimal. More often than not, they were put through to people who didn’t even know who they were. They’d lost everything that was important to them about an accountant. In the end, all of these clients returned to us… And have been with us ever since, we’re proud to say.

Talking of pride, we are very proud to be based in Essex.

Essex is so well connected. And not just because of our high speed Internet—the fastest in the country—which has become a big deal for Essex business. We’re also on London’s doorstep. We’re served by three airports and the huge, new, London Gateway Port. There’s a great road and rail network giving quick access to London, the East Coast and Europe, and there’s a population of nearly 1.8 million.

This all means that there are massive opportunities for individuals, families and for Essex based businesses of every shape and size across every business sector.

This, in turn, impacts on us at Maynard Heady. We have to be up to speed and conversant with the diverse business requirements of the region—both off and online—and we make sure we are. We’ve grown the practice to what it is today; a team of fifty professionals based over three Essex locations.

We are large enough to ensure that our partners and staff can attend cutting edge courses and seminars in order to learn about, understand and implement new developments and legislative requirements on behalf of our clients, as and when necessary.

But whilst we’ve grown to a reasonable size, it is our mantra to maintain those all important relationships that every one of our clients has entrusted to us… Because that’s what matters the most.

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